Sandra K. Shirah, MSL, CLA



I’ve always been interested in finding 'diamonds in the rough,' exploring abandoned property and uncovering secrets of years past held securely within their walls.

This fascination, coupled with a strong desire to improve lives through home ownership and wise property investments, has made real estate my passion!

I constantly seek knowledge of the latest real estate technology and study trends to ensure top notch service to my clients.

Additionally, my energy is focused on only one client at a time.  You have my undivided attention from start to finish.  

Whether your goal is to purchase a small starter home or a multimillion dollar retail investment property, my philosophy is Every Move Matters!

A bit more about me...

Why did I pursue real estate? Years ago when I bought my first home, I had a horrible experience and was sadly stuck with repairs in excess of $10K as a result!

The Selling Agent made promises she had no authority to make and her “duty” was actually to the Seller! I was a naive young single mom, and it never occurred to me that much of what she said was to make a sale (i.e. commission) rather than a true interest in my needs or wants.


Hence, I decided to pursue a career in real estate – in hopes of saving other buyers stress and money!  

I began my career as a dedicated Buyer’s Agent in 2008 and became an independent Broker in 2011.

On a more personal note...

I’m a graduate of NSU, former law enforcement, mom to one adult daughter and two super cute fur boys!  I’ve lived in beautiful Central Louisiana for 25+ years and have hopes of one day going to law school.